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Vajda papir

Mr. Attila Vajda and Mrs. Szilvia Vajda Csata, still having full-time jobs, bought their first toilet paper making machine, and set it up garage they rented for the purpose. They entered the market with one single product, but as it was well received and in order to meet increasing demands they started investing in new machinery.. Throughout its mere 14-year-long history – relatively short when compared to other companies – Vajda Papír Kft. has shown incredibly agile, dynamic and steady development. What started out as a part time job using one machine has by now become a multinational company in both trade and manufacturing, generating a turnover of several billions of Hungarian forints, which is not only market leader in Hungary but can also compete with international companies as well. The company managed to grow steadily by gradually expanding the machinery and the product range according to customer demands. Until the development of the factory and the expansion of the capacity taking place in 2004, the company financed the development by reinvesting its profits. 2004 was the first year when the company used external financial resources.

When the company was founded, its product range consisted of a single product, the product range was expanded gradually. When production has got to the point where it covered all household and toilet paper products, individual brands were created while the product range continued to grow. The various brands of Vajda Papír Kft. have appeared in every segment of the market in recent years. The popular Lilla brand is an entry level product, medium category is represented by the Daisy brand. Ooops! have secured a strong position in the most important quality segment. In spite of being the youngest of the brands Ooops! has made a strong presence in the premium category, its range can cover all needs.

Vajda Papír Kft. manufactures many of the own-brand products of numerous chain stores. Products manufactured by the company, which started out as an independent trader, are now part and parcel of the range of products offered by Hungarian and multinational chain stores (like Tesco, Auchan, Penny-Market, Lidl, CBA, Reál, Metro, Profi and Rossmann).

The products of the company regularly undergo dermatological and gynaecological testing, the latter being very unique to the company in Hungary. The laboratory tests are performed by an independent institute, the German Derma Consult GmbH. The testing lasts 72 hours, involving a sample group of 50 people, to establish what effects the particular product has on the skin during and after contact. Ooops! Prémium products provide a plus in all meaning – they ensure the feeling of real luxury. Besides its softness, the 4-layer paper ensures more economical usage than the two or three layered ones. The skin-friendly qualities of the product line are certified by dermatological tests, its sanitary qualities are guaranteed by a gynaecological inspection.

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