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Sirena - because you are beautiful!

It is ultra-soft and duarble hygiene products for your everyday use. The brand is specially designed for women, but also suits the whole family. In our portfolio we have these products:

Cotton swabs:

• 100% cotton.
• Convenient to use. You can chose the right package for you: bag or box. Box can be used several times refilling it with the swabs from the bags.
• Attractive packaging. A striking, distinguished and bright package, distinguished by its color among others.

Cosmetic cotton pads:

• Woven edge of cotton pad.
• Extremely soft wool.
• Made of several layers of cotton wool
• Unique, bright packaging.
• 100% cotton – natural wool composition.
• Does not leave cotton wool on your face.

Cosmetic wet wipes:

• Effectively cleans the skin. Due to the special composition it productively cleans dirt and make-up.
• Moisturizes the skin.
• Does not contain alcohol. Natural composition
• Softness. Extra soft texture napkins
• Sealed packaging. Very comfortable packing for traveling and is possible to re-use
• A pleasant smell.

Products and Brands:


Cosmetic Cotton Pads


Cotton Swabs


Cosmetic Wet Wipes