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Year 1999 was the beginning of the production of washing, cleaning and disinfection products for the professional use, i.e. food industry (dairy, meat, confectionery, beverages), public catering and medical institutions. Currently the company produces over 30 types of such products. The range of products extends every year.

In the second half of 2001 the joint stock company entered a new stage of development. Over 2002 and 2003 the range of household cleaning products and cosmetics, which were supplied to the market, were 100% renewed. It can be divided to the following main groups: hair and skin care, cleaning, washing and fabric care.

The most considerable changes occurred in the area of product package and design. The newly created products for household have modern design and great quality. In production the raw materials bought in Western Europe are used, and production itself is based on the long-term experience of partners, thus, the quality is as high as that of the best analogues. In developing new products HIGĖJA cooperates with well-known companies such as: Henkel, Unger, Ciba, Kaunas University of Technology and Public Health Centre of Lithuania.

Products and Brands: